How Our Firm is Leading the Way in Future-Friendly Church Designs


Churches must adapt to changing needs and expectations. Worship spaces must be designed to meet current requirements and future challenges. At BBA-A Church, we are committed to developing future-friendly church designs that prioritize sustainability with innovation. Congregations are looking for worship spaces that are not only functional but also inviting, innovative, and future-friendly. With our extended experience with church construction, our Dallas architecture firm leads the way in creating worship spaces adaptable to changing needs.

Innovative Design Elements

Art can be a powerful tool in creating future-friendly church designs that are visually attractive. Our designs incorporate contemporary artwork, murals, sculptures, natural light, and textures, making spaces more engaging. Our goal is to develop spaces that encourage congregants to feel connected. Many modern churches have advanced audio and video systems, providing high-quality sound and visuals during services. This technology enables churches to reach a wider audience through live-streaming and other online platforms.

Project Management Expertise

Our firm’s commitment to project management ensures that every aspect of your church-building project is carefully executed. Our team of experienced staff oversees every stage of the process, from initial design to final implementation. We are dedicated to meeting deadlines, adhering to budgets, and ensuring the highest levels of quality control.

Creative Use of Space

Our design philosophy emphasizes the creative use of space, particularly in areas where space is limited. We are experts at designing multi-functional spaces that serve multiple purposes. Maximizing the available space can create a more versatile environment that meets your congregation’s current and future needs.

Heritage Preservation

We recognize the importance of preserving many churches’ cultural and historical significance. We have extensive experience designing church spaces that integrate historical elements into modern designs, preserving the heritage. We work closely with church leaders to understand the significance of the space and ensure that it is treated with the respect and care it deserves.


BBA-A Church has worked on more than 300 projects, and this experience helps us create churches of all sizes and shapes. Our experience has made us one of the top architecture firms in Dallas. If you’re looking for an architecture firm that can help you create a worship space that meets the needs of your congregation today and tomorrow, we are here for you! Get in touch to get started.