A Vision Carried Forward: 75 Years of Architectural Excellence in Church Design


Sacred architecture is rich with stories of faith and community, and a select few architects have made a lasting impact. Among these, BBA-A Church has been an unwavering beacon, casting a legacy of 75 years marked by architectural excellence, visionary insight, and a commitment to transforming worship spaces into transcendent sanctuaries.

Since its inception in 1946, BBA-A Church has been on a mission to redefine the architectural landscape of churches. Established as a third-generation church architect, our church building architecture in Frisco has seamlessly blended tradition with innovation, creating spaces that honor the spiritual journey and stand as a testament to the enduring power of design.

Beyond Blueprints: Transforming Ministries

At the core of BBA-A Church’s philosophy is a commitment to go beyond mere blueprints. We are one of the Best Church Design firms. The firm views each project as an opportunity to transform ministries and guide churches through critical transitions. With a portfolio boasting over 390 church projects totaling 3,879,000 square feet, BBA-A Church has left an indelible mark on the architectural tapestry of sacred spaces.

Master Planning and Ministry Continuity

One distinctive feature that sets BBA-A Church apart is its unwavering commitment to master planning. The firm doesn’t just conceive visionary designs; it ensures the plan is carried out. With a track record of completing as many as ten consecutive phases for a single church over 25 years, BBA-A Church is not just an architect but a partner in the sustained growth and evolution of ministries.

Success Measured in Returning Clients

For BBA-A Church, success is not just a metric on paper but a living testament to the relationships forged with clients. The measure of success for the firm is when clients choose them again. The longevity of their client relationships speaks volumes about the trust and satisfaction that BBA-A Church instills in those they collaborate with.

Sustainable Ministries, Timeless Designs

BBA-A Church doesn’t just design buildings; they craft sustainable ministries. The firm’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond environmental considerations to encompass the longevity and adaptability of the spaces they create. With an eye on the future, BBA-A Church ensures that its designs stand the test of time, both in terms of structural integrity and spiritual significance.


As BBA-A Church looks back on 75 years of architectural excellence, it also looks forward, ready to embark on new chapters, design new spaces, and continue the legacy of creating places where faith finds expression in the language of architecture. In every blueprint, every brick laid, and every sacred space crafted, BBA-A Church is writing a story that goes beyond architecture—it’s a narrative of faith, community, and the enduring power of a vision carried forward.