Preston Hollow Unitied Methodist Church

Renovation / Sanctuary

Preston Hollow had been thru years of aging, decline and its facility had slipped into disrepair. The committee was energized by Mr. Brown’s vision for an aggressive design to bring a youthful energy back to the historic bent wood design. At the final interview the committee added one caution, telling Mr. Brown, “we like the fresh ideas but we want you to know that we like the historic design and while we want to freshen it for a new generation we would not want to hurt it in any way”. It was only then that Mr. Brown pointed to a plaque inset in the bricks that identified the sanctuary as a Brown, Brown and Associates design from his Grandfather and Father’s day. The committee hadn’t even realized they had reached out to the same firm that had helped them back in the early 1970’s. They knew they were in good hands and commenced on a Master Plan for a new coffee shop and a series of 4 remodel projects.

Each of the remodels have been a laboratory of what is possible with the new LED lighting products and textures to change the mood of a space. Each space built on the success of the last until the Sanctuary remodel became the high point of possibility expressed. The pictures capture some of the more exotic looks but the flexibility has allowed the space to be fresh every week.

Since the remodel began the church has added a contemporary service and has become one of the fastest growing churches in the denomination with some new young families joining the church.

BBA-A is currently working on an update to the Master plan and early planning for the final phase addition and the completion of the proposed renovations.


Preston Hollow United Methodist Church
6315 Walnut Hill Lane
Dallas TX. 75230