Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Master Plan

Prince of peace Lutheran Church in Flower Mound Texas is growing rapidly with numerous young families coming in from around the area. Some of this influx is from exciting weekday ministries like Mornings with Mommies and Power Hour that bring young mothers with their kids into the church sometimes for the first time. The current facility has an education building separated from the sanctuary and both buildings were nearing the end of their functional lifespan. As Mr. Brown looked closely at the program of these ministries we began to explore ways to make the transition from the weekday programs to Sunday morning worship more seamless. The initial schemes all revolved around keeping one or both of the existing buildings. However, it was finally determined that we should explore some schemes where both of the phases were demolished to allow the best of the new possibilities to be fully explored. This presented a particular dilemma as all of the churches existing space would need to be replaced and then the additional space needed for the new growth would need to be added. This represented a potentially much larger financial expense. However, Mr. Brown was able to optimize the new square footage so that a similar footprint yielded far better ministry capacities than the existing buildings. The result is a Master Plan that includes a seamless connection between the open Mornings with Mommy space and the Sanctuary. The Gathering Space is designed to open directly into the Sanctuary so that young lives can feel what it would be like to be in worship on the Tuesdays and Wednesday mornings they are in the building. The Sanctuary can open to the Gathering Space either visually or with an operable partition creating a seamless overflow to handle growth while the church prepares for the next phase.

In the next phase the sanctuary is to be expanded and the back wall of the sanctuary moves as well to expand the Gathering Space in proportion to the Sanctuary. The design uses a lot of natural light, polished and stained concrete floors and a high degree of visual transparency to create an open concept and a very welcoming facility. Needless to say the church is very excited about the future in this proposed facility.


Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
3601 S Garden Ridge Blvd.
Flower Mound TX. 75028