Calvary Lutheran Church

Master Plan / Renovation

Calvary came to Mr. Brown for an immediate expansion to their existing sanctuary and the construction of a new Gathering space along with a Master Plan planning for future renovations over the next ten years. The Sanctuary expansion and renovation involved the removal of a balcony and vestry, sacristy and corner stairs. The problem was all the heating and air-conditioning was located in these corners. The sanctuary also had a solid wood deck ceiling and the Fire Marshal was calling for a sprinkler system throughout the building. The program also called for a new organ that was currently being refurbished for the space.

After considerable study BBA-A proposed a cross element in the upper space that would contain all of the technical elements (HVAC ducts, Sprinkler, Room Lighting and Altar/organ lighting). The space was expanded for seating and the volume was greatly expanded to get the reverberation times needed for the massive pipe organ. The cross was a huge success and serves as a preaching point that we all are quite literally under the banner of the cross.

  The church did not have a single entry that presented a welcoming message to those driving up. In this phase we were able to provide two new entries into an oversized Gathering space with beautiful shaded courtyard views.


Calvary Lutheran Church
7620 Baker Blvd
Richland Hills TX. 76118