Champion Center – Bethel Dallas

Relocation / Renovation

Mr. Brown was asked if he had ever made a Home Depot Garden Center into a church, and picturing the typical Home Depot her felt it would be an easy conversion. However a Home Depot Garden center is not at all like a Home depot. The garden center was essentially a well-built greenhouse and when the wind blew so did the building. It flapped and buckled and whistled. But we were able to turn it into a very fine Champion Center and the home of Bethel Dallas.

The exterior design features an internally lit glass block tower that is a landmark in the area as it changes colors thru the night. The interior layout also features a great gathering space with a coffee bar kitchen combo over beautiful polished and stained concrete floors.


Champion Center, Home of Bethel Dallas
2680 MacArthur Blvd
Lewisville, Texas 75067