Helping Churches across critical transitions


Our goal is to help Churches across critical transitions in their ministry. We are a 3rd generation Church Architect, since 1946 our firm has completed over 390 church projects, with 3,879,000 square feet of church projects completed and the current value of work completed being $1,086,120,000 (in today’s dollars).

We are committed to Master Planning and seeing the plan carried out. We have done as many as ten consecutive phases for a single church over a 25-year span. Our measure of success is when our clients choose us again. And they do! How can we serve you?




The BBA-A Difference

Seven things that make us Unique


1. Passion

– Mr. Brown has dedicated his whole career to serving churches like yours. He is passionate about ministry and about the facility of the church being one of its principal tools for ministry.

Why does this matter? – Churches are complex operations, with complex schedules and lots of moving parts. They grow in unique way, raise funds in unique way and operate unique from all other organizations. You need to work with an experienced principal that has passion about the thousands of details that make a difference.


2. Experience

– Mr. Brown is the beneficiary of three generations of church architecture. He has been a student of Church architecture since he was a sophomore in high school. He personally hold this tremendous experience.

Other firms have resumes that may include a number of churches but firms don’t do projects, people do. Often projects are won by a firm that because of high turnover may not have many, if any churches that have actually been completed by the current staff. Often junior staff are assigned churches and they are just learning and finding their way around the process.


3. Budget

BBA-A is still waiting on the first church to come along that has plenty of money. Building is expensive and is very challenging for a church. Given plenty of money a lessor team could design a church because what would it matter – just oversize everything. But the tighter things get the more you need a trusted guide. Mr. Brown has personally guided each of our clients through the budget wilderness since joining the firm in 1991.


4. Leadership

Mr. Brown joins your team to serve you and lead you thru a complex process. Many designers are introverted, poor with committees and unfamiliar with the process of getting a church thru the check points successfully to build. Many architects draw plans but Mr. Brown leads a process. He helps you prepare to raise funds, answer questions, helps you with contractor selection and integration. He leads a team of over 40 engineers on most projects so that the project comes together as a beautiful integrated whole.


5. Process

The process Mr. Brown uses will be custom tailored to your needs but involves layers of study with the leadership. This allows the leadership for participate in numerous decisions that would never be given time in other systems. Some firms come to the interview with flashy solutions ready to go. Mr. Brown comes ready to listen and explore. The flash approach can be very tempting but churches never seem to do it twice. Mr. Brown has been trusted again and again with multiple phases over many years for the same clients. Process matters. You might be able to fool a client initially but in the end they will know if a building works for them.


6. Technology

Churches are more complex technologically than everything excepting surgical suites. Room acoustics, sound systems, room lighting, specialty lighting, video projection, video effects, video capture, with internal and external feeds. Keeping air-conditioning systems quiet yet effective, platform design and function are all systems that take a talented team to put together.


All systems need to be geared toward a realistic assessment of the churches abilities now and growing into the future. Our focus allows us to stay abreast of these technologies and be ever growing in their use and application.


7. Talent

Lets face it, all the leadership and process in the world is of limited value if the architect does not have the raw talent to create spaces that are beautiful! This talent is a blend of art and science, that is what makes architecture so challenging.


We think a look at our past work will show that Mr. Brown not only creates great spaces but hand tailors them to fit our clients exactly. A visit will show a use of technology that is exciting and appropriate. This talent is the sum of the six preceding factors but is what makes our ministry to churches so unique.

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Over many years we have found that our projects tend to follow the spiritual pattern of the children of Israel leaving Egypt.

First what was a nice place starts to make the church cry out, there is an initial deliverance (from the bondage of years of doing nothing but the grind) and the church finds itself between the intolerable old place and its death (represented by Pharaoh’s army) and the depth of an uncrossable sea (the financial realities of construction).

It’s at that moment that you need someone who knows you can cross, who will stand staff extended until the winds come and part those seas and who know the wilderness ahead because he has spent the last 40 years in them. In an ideal situation, that can be a church architect who has specialized in helping churches cross impossible seasons and navigate the wilderness beyond in route to a new promised land.

We look forward to serving you – reach out to us via telephone, email or our contact form here on the site so we can start the conversation together.

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