Stonebridge United Methodist Church

Master Plan / Relocation

The founding pastor at Stonebridge United Methodist hired BBA-A to Master Plan a move out of a school to a new 14 acre site. Theologically he emphasized that the finished work of Christ takes us back to the garden. In the Master Plan Sanctuary he envisioned trees inside with lots of natural light and captured views of garden space outside. For Phase One it was determined we could get a feel for that concept in the budget constraints by positioning the phase one Sanctuary so that captured garden views were part of the worship along 4 walls. This Sanctuary also uses a ‘gathered around’ seating format to be more friendly to new believers so they sit closer and can see faces in worship and not just the backs of heads. The church constructed phase two (an education, administration, and parking addition) with BBA-A four years later.



And three years after that BBA-A was invited back to work on the design for phase three (a multipurpose worship space, kitchen and parking addition). The multipurpose worship space allowed both recreation, basketball league play and a second Sunday morning worship to take place. The space is hardened to withstand the abuse of basketball play and yet acoustically absorptive enough to make for good contemporary worship.

Stonebridge United Methodist Church – McKinney, Texas

Phase III – Ministry Center consisted of a multipurpose space with worship, drama, athletics, dining, youth class rooms, etc. 

Master planned 14 acres. Master planned Sanctuary to seat 2,500.  Previously completed:   Phase I – Completed 1999 on new site, to include a multipurpose worship Center seating 700, with education, administrative, parking, etc. Phase I provided 22,000/SF of space. Phase II – completed 2003 with approximately 28,000/SF addition of preschool, children, and youth facilities, youth area, a multi-purpose space for worship activities as well as classes, and parking for 100+ cars. This project was negotiated with Construction Company and came in under budget.


Stonebridge United Methodist Church,
1800 S Stonebridge Dr.
McKinney, Texas
Dallas TX. 75070