FUMC Celina

Master Plan / Relocation / Youth Area

First United Methodist Church – Celina hired BBA-A to help them make the move from historic downtown city square to a new 20 acre site on a major toll road extension. The Master Plan includes as many as five phases of growth as Celina is one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. It is very possible that all of these phases will be needed. As is so often the case with campus relocations Phase 1 needed to be economic but also ready to tie into the larger structure that will develop over the next 20 years. The committee challenged Mr. Brown with creating affordable space that also look like it might’ve been in place for the last hundred years. The consensus on this design is that it hits the mark with both the Prairie Gothic historicity and enough of a modern feel to make it honest.

If you look at the renderings of the master plan sanctuary to come you can see this church has big plans for the future. And yet the phase 1 sanctuary will tie in perfectly creating a well-designed coherent whole that should be a credit for generations to come.


First United Methodist Church
12465 FM 428
Celina TX. 75009